Lottario: Rules, Price & Odds

The gambling industry encompasses a variety of diverse games. Some of these games have become more prevalent over time than others. Examples of such games include lotteries. OLG is the authorized national lottery platform for all Canadian participants. Players can access Lottario, one of the most popular lottery activities in Canada, via this platform. Today in this guide, we will examine the various aspects and attempt to gain a better understanding of them.

How Do You Play Lotto?

Lotteries rely solely on chance. It is a number-based draw game in which only chance plays a role. You are tasked with selecting numbers from a pool that you believe will be drawn. The greater the reward, the more numbers you correctly select.

You are required to select six numbers between 1 and 45 for Lottario. You have the option to do so arbitrarily via Quick Play. Alternatively, you can chose the numbers yourself using a selection slip.


Lottario features an additional incentive game option. It is known as Encore. If you select this option and pay an additional fee, you can participate in 10 plays per draw.


However, where do you play Lotto? It can be done in two methods. A lottery ticket can be purchased from an authorized retailer. The alternative is to buy the ticket online. You can do so through the OLG’s official website or through online lottery agents.


When you buy a lottery ticket from a retailer, you will be given a selection paper. There, you can select the six numerals you desire. Request Quick Play at the retailer, and they will activate the feature for you.


After completing those steps, you should be finished. The next time you must visit the retailer is when you want to check the lottery results.


You can visit the OLG.ca website to purchase tickets online. In addition, you can obtain it from an authorized online lottery casino and make a purchase. The official OLG app serves a similar function.


In addition to Lottario, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) provides Canadian and Ontario casino users with several other options. Lotto 6/49, Daily Keno, Ontario 49, and other options are available. They have distinct probabilities and rewards. You may examine them if you wish.


As previously stated, you can utilize the “Quick Play” option to generate random selections. By selecting this option, the system will choose for you. But the odds do not alter because the system chooses the numbers.


Regulations for Lotto

The rules define a contest. This also applies to lotteries. distinct lotteries have distinct rules, different odds, and different prizes. It is what distinguishes one lottery from another.


Here is a brief overview of the Lottario rules to help you better comprehend the game.


Chances of Winning Prizes

Understanding odds is the most important aspect of any lottery. Not just contests either. The same concept applies to other games of chance, such as the finest online bingo. Understanding the probabilities will never increase your chances of winning the lottery, but everyone who plays should do so nonetheless.


There are nine categories of rewards available on Lottario. Typically, a lottery with six number selections provides lesser prizes. So without further ado, let’s examine the Lottario probabilities.


Each of the six major numbers has probabilities of 1 in 4,072,530.

Five primary numbers and one bonus number carry a 1 in 678,755 chance.

Five primary numbers have probabilities of 1 in 17,862 only.

Four primary numbers and one bonus number have odds of 1 in 7,145.

Four primary numbers have probabilities of 1 in 386.

Three primary numbers and one bonus number have odds of 1 in 290.

Three primary numerals have odds of 1 in 24.1.

1 bonus number has only 1 in 8.1 probabilities.

4 of 4 early draw numbers have only 1 in 4,967 chance of occurring.

Cost of Lottery Tickets

To have a chance at the jackpot in Lottario, the first step is to purchase a ticket. You cannot even participate or win the lottery without a ticket. To enter Lottario, one must pay C$1 per entry. This enables you to select two sets of six numbers. You can play for additional options, each of which will cost you an additional $1 Canadian.


The winning combination of your chosen numbers and the drawn numbers will determine your prize. The more matches you make, the greater your reward.


Recall “Encore”? This is the included additional game for Lottario. It is also offered by additional Canadian lotteries. Participation in Encore costs $1 more than the standard admission. It’s voluntary. However, since it only costs $1, it is worth a shot.

Lottario Jackpot


No matter where you’re playing from or what lottery you’re playing, the windfall is the most anticipated prize. Regarding the Lottario jackpot, we have excellent tidings. The jackpot is variable. Thus, you can anticipate massive rewards.


The minimum jackpot amount is $250,000. And until someone wins, the jackpot continues to grow. This is the first-place award. Other lottery prizes do not represent a proportion of the prize pool. You are always aware of the amount you will win.


The second place reward is $10,000 Canadian. Following that is the third incentive of $500 Canadian dollars. As the recipient of the fourth-place prize, you will receive thirty Canadian dollars. The next two levels have prizes worth C$10 and C$5, respectively. The seventh incentive is worth $4 Canadian. The eighth prize is a complimentary performance.


Therefore, even if you don’t match any numbers, you can still receive a complimentary play. The ninth incentive is reserved for early entries. And each victor will receive a portion of $50,000 Canadian.


Winning at Encore opens the door to a million-dollar jackpot! When you participate in Encore, you can win at any Maxmillions draw. So you have a chance to win more cash for just C$1 outlay.


Biggest Win Made

Since there is no cap on how high the jackpot can go, Lottario boasts some bizarre lottery win stories. However, winning the windfall is not so simple. Otherwise, you would learn of an increasing number of Lottario winners.


Andrija Konjeck, age 72, is an occasional lottery participant. In March of 2021, he won a C$734,000 Lottario windfall. In May of 2021, another man, Wayne Best, won C$2,520,857. He had never before played the lottery! Can you fathom the amount of luck required to win on the first attempt?


Results of the Lottery

Once per week, the lottery results are announced. The event occurs on Saturday. Tickets are available until the final minute before the drawing. If you acquire it before Friday at midnight, you are eligible for the early drawing.


The drawing occurs precisely at 10:30 p.m. Everything is completed in ten minutes. And sales for the subsequent draw begin at 10:40 p.m. You can verify the results by scanning the ticket at any retailer or by using the app to do so yourself.


Additionally, you can visit their website to view the results. In addition to being a convenient option, the results are uploaded within minutes of the draw.


Claiming Lottery Ontario Prizes

It would be advantageous if winners claimed their prizes within a year of receiving. If you fail the deadline, you forfeit your eligibility to claim the prizes. Therefore, keep a watch out for the results announcement so that you don’t miss out.


You can claim prizes up to $1,000 at any authorized retailer, by mail, or at the OLG Prize Center. Providing your ticket will allow you to claim your prize. You can claim prizes up to $250,000 at the Prize Center or designated casinos.


If you win over C$250,000, you must redeem your prize exclusively at the Prize Center. You may be required to complete a Lottery Prize Claim Form. The form is available on the official website.


These Prizes’ Taxes

No matter how much you win in the lottery in Canada, there are no levies to pay. Under Canadian law, lottery winnings are not deemed taxable. Therefore, this is a wonderful occurrence.


The same holds true for international residents. However, if you are participating from outside of Canada, you may be required to pay taxes based on the laws of your region.



Our Take on Lottario

Lottario is an excellent option for novices due to its low entry fee. For $1, you have the potential to win millions of dollars. Even if you dislike lotteries, you should give Lottario a chance.


Lottario FAQs

Please refer to this section for any additional inquiries you may have.


When are the Lottery Ontario drawings?


Lottario draws are conducted every Saturday at 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).


Who possesses Lottario?


Lottario is a division of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG), which operates all lottery activities in Canada.


How likely are you to win the Lottario?


The Lottario game’s longest odds are to match all six primary numbers. It’s 1 in 4,072,530.






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